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Waste acquisition, treatment and utilization complex waste management services

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Our company has been specialized for more than 10 years in purchasing and collecting recyclable ferrous waste, non-ferrous metals, end-of-life vehicles, and other metal scrap. As a result, we deliver thousands of tons of ferrous and metal waste to primary user sources for recycling every year.

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Telephelyeinken a gyáraktól, üzemektől, vállalatoktól átvett ipari fémhulladékok mellett, a lakosság által leadni kívánt fémhulladékok felvásárlásával is foglalkozunk.

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about us

complex waste management services

In addition to the industrial metal scrap received from factories, plants, and companies, we also deal with the purchase of metal scrap that the population wants to drop off at our sites.

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  • Waste paper
  • Plastic waste
  • Packaging waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Machine and mixed casting waste
  • Non-ferrous waste
  • Amortization iron, steel and metal waste
  • Iron and steel structures awaiting demolition
  • Steel shavings, cast iron shavings
  • Electronic waste
  • Scrap vehicles
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Recycling of metal waste

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